Top 10 LOL Podcasts

Blog Published: June 22, 2016
By Sister Maxine

Is it true that LOLs are good for the soul? Here at A Nun’s Life, we think so!

This is our 10th year of online ministry, so we’re celebrating lots of different “10s” throughout the year.

In this blog post, we have my Top Ten LOL Podcasts. They are some of my fave Random Nuns Clip with Sister Julie -- and they remind me of why “pray” and “play” are only one letter apart

Do you have a fave LOL moment from an A Nun's Life podcast? Let us know using the Disqus comments below!

1. Dragging people to prayer...really? 

Seriously one of the funniest SJ moments ever! 

2. Can a splintered convo lead to sanctity? 

The chat room chimes in to help answer the question! 

3. LOL Nun Outtake: A "come to Jesus" moment -- for cats? 

Chloe the Convent Cat loves podcasts and would like a PawCast of her own. This clip gives a hint of what it might be like.

4. What’s the deal with nuns playing cards?

A hearty game of Euchre can be a great way to learn about religious life #TheNovice. 

5. What’s up with bathtub Mary?

It's a phenomena we've seen (and I bet you have too!) almost everywhere across the U.S. in our travels, so it makes us wonder why.

6. What you don't want to hear when you tell people, "I'm thinking of becoming a nun."

But you hear it anyway...

7. Can Jesus bandaids heal your bandwidth problems?

Could that be a rhetorical question, or a solution to not having fiber optic cable?

8.  Did Mickey Mouse start out as a church mouse? Chloe the Convent Cat responds.

Disclaimer: no mouse was chased by a cat while this segment was being recorded.

9. Convent décor…de rigueur?

Awesome interior design at the convent...not so much. #convent

10. Send your Ask Sister questions—by Millennium Falcon?

This clip is in honor of one of the world's biggest Star Wars fans, Sister Julie.

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