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AS019 Ask Sister – discerning God’s will, choosing a religious name, celibacy, family responsibilities, convent decor

Podcast Recorded: March 26, 2010

AS019 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on March 26, 2010. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: celibacy, discerning the will of God, choosing a religious name, convent decor, family responsibilities, and more.

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Show Notes
  • How can I know if wanting to become a nun is God’s will or my own will?
  • What is the historical reasons sisters received a religious name? What is the practice today?
  • How do I deal with family responsibilities if I become a sister?
  • Are nuns allowed to do fun things or to chose a profession?
  • What is the difference between chastity and celibacy?
  • How does one prepare for a vow of celibacy?
  • What do convents look like on the inside?

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