AS046 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on October 29, 2010. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: mother superiors, nun rings, sin and voting, solitude v. loneliness, called to be a nun, prayer and having a Mass said for someone, and more.

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Show Notes
  • Who determines who will be the leader (sometimes called the President or Mother Superior) of a religious congregation?
  • Did Saint Francis of Assisi wear a wedding ring?
  • Can religious leaders attempt to influence voters by suggesting that voting for or against someone is “sinful”?
  • From a spiritual point of view, what is the difference between solitude and loneliness?
  • How do I know if I’m called to be a nun?
  • Did religious life change in the past 30 years?
  • Does your prayer change as you progress in religious life?
  • Can a person from one country join a religious community from another country?
  • What does it mean when a person asks you to say a Mass or have a Mass said for someone who is living or has died?