AS047 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on November 5, 2010. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: Trent and Second Vatican Council, growing in understanding God, a devil for loving, joining a religious community in another country and more!

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Show Notes
  • I’m a guy in love and want to go out with girl who wants to be a nun, does that mean like I’m the devil or something?
  • Is it possible for someone discerning to be a nun to join a religious community in another country? How would this work?
  • Could you describe the Council of Trent in a nutshell and how it affected the church?
  • What do you think was the greatest positive impact that the Second Vatican Council had on the church?
  • What do you know now about God that you wish you’d known in the beginning?
  • What are some things to consider before making a big life decision?