Is it a sin to leave Mass early?
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What parts of the Mass are we required to attend? The Nuns discuss!

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What is the best thing about Religious Life?

In this #Nunday video, Sister LaKesha Church shares what she believes is the best thing about Religious Life.

Sister LaKesha

Sister Michelle Renee St. Marie, OSB

It was through my experiences with the monastic community that I began thinking about religious life as a possibility for me. After a couple of years of discernment, I formally joined the community as a postulant.

Sister Michelle-Benedictine Sisters of Cullman

This Year: A HOLY Holy Week

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We are now facing a strange religious reality that we could never have imagined—NO Holy Week liturgies, no gathering in the sobering silence and mystery of walking those last days of Jesus’ life together.

Sister LaKesha Church, C.PP.S.

Sister LaKesha had been on a long and unusual road of discernment. In fact, she started discerning religious life even before she became Catholic. Read how prayer sustained her on this journey of faith.