AS095 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on December 8, 2011. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: nature and theology of grace, renouncing things one never had, nun vows, the Trinity as two men and a hen?, my church NO my church!, and more!

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Show Notes
  • What exactly is grace? Is it like The Force or getting a shot of Red Bull?
  • How does grace lead to freedom? 
  • Two men and a hen — A new image for the Trinity?
  • Can a person renounce something if they’ve never had it? e.g., can I give up sex if I’ve never even had a romantic relationship?
  • Aren’t the vows about renouncing things?
  • Whose church is it, anyway? Is the Church my church, your church, God’s church, or our church?
  • A Sister is interviewed on CBS News regarding the Apostolic Visitation and sisters’ responses