AS106 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on March 21, 2012. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: unresponsive vocation directors, disappearing nuns, is religious life dying?, body language at Mass, what nuns study in the novitiate, and more!

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Show Notes
  • I’d like to be a nun who works in health care or with people with disabilities.
  • Book mentioned: Adam: God’s Beloved by Henri Nouwen .
  • I’ve thought about becoming a nun for a long time. But when I called the vocations director at a local convent, she never called back! What should I do?
  • Links mentioned: How to Become a Nun
  • It is a very rare thing to see a nun these days. There must have been something that not only drew the young girl to a convent but also kept here there pre-Vatican II. What happened?
  • The nuns put to rest some incorrect information about the decline of religious life with the very good news that religious life is very much alive!
  • What is the proper hand-folding protocol at Mass? Should everyone keep their hands folded whenever we’re standing at Mass?
  • What do nuns study when they’re in formation?
  • Find out how the nuns are taught not to smoke, drink, or curse!