AS106 Ask Sister – unresponsive vocations director, disappearing nuns, body language at Mass, what nuns study in the novitiate
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AS106 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on March 21, 2012. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: unresponsive vocation directors, disappearing nuns, is religious life dying?, body language at Mass, what nuns study in the novitiate, and more!

Testing Your Vocation

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The calling to be a nun is a pretty amazing thing. It’s a real adventure because it is always full of twists and turns and the unexpected. You never know where the Spirit will lead you. Being a nun is also pretty countercultural — we live in community, we hold all things in common, and we are celibate — all these things are meant to help us be free, free to serve God and God’s people. It’s a radical way of life.