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AS124 Ask Sister – salary reNUNeration for sisters, feeling lonely at church, nun fashion tips for air travel, a very nunly Advent

Podcast Recorded: December 12, 2012

AS124 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on December 13, 2012. Sponsored by ministry. Topics include: salary reNUNeration, feeling lonely at church, getting involved in parish life, nun fashion tips for air travel, and a very nunly Advent!

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Show Notes
  • Do sisters have any sort of salary? What would a person do if she had a car payment or small debts?
  • I am Catholic but I feel lonely when I go to church, so I’ve stopped going. What can I do?
  • Do nuns buy things like coffee and chap stick?
  • Whatever happened to the nun character in the murder mystery that the writer consulted us about?
  • What do nuns wear during air travel? Who’s in charge on the trip? An inquiring novelist wants to know!
  • How are you celebrating Advent?

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