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AS149 Ask Sister - Sound of Music gone country; nun customs of greeting and respect, and "the discipline"

Podcast Recorded: November 10, 2013

AS149 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on November 20, 2013.

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Show Notes
  • The nuns discuss the upcoming live broadcast of "The Sound of Music" starring Carrie Underwood -- and they wonder how they missed the call.
  • A screenplay director asks about the veracity and implementation of certain customs including the kissing of the mother superior's ring and responding "Ave" instead of "Hello" when someone knocks on the door.
  • The nuns talk about the vow of obedience historically and today -- the continuity and the shifts.
  • A caller asks about the custom of "the discipline" -- what is the discipline, what was the purpose of the discipline, is the discipline still practiced today?
  • The nuns discuss contemporary forms of asceticism including fasting and running. They also talk about how ascetic practices can be a help in the spiritual life and how they can be taken to an unhealthy extreme.

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