Celebrating Mardi Gras with an eye on Lent

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How long is the celebration of Mardi Gras? What exactly does it celebrate? For Lent, is it better to give something up, or take something up? The Nuns discuss!

Mardi Gras beads and mask

Fasting and gluttony: Is there a connection?

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What is the value of fasting during Lent? Sister Réjane shares her plan for a Lenten fast and the reasoning behind it.

Sister Rejane makes meat-free burritos as part of her Lenten fast from meat and dairy.

Instead of giving up something for Lent, could I take something up?

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A listener wonders if, instead of giving up chocolate or soda for Lent, she could do something extra – like clean the bathroom, so her mom doesn’t have to. What are the best Lenten practices? The Nuns discuss!

A person is cleaning the bathroom

Why is gluttony a sin?

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A listener is puzzled why gluttony is included among “the seven deadly sins.” The Nuns discuss!

A man suffers a stomachache after overeating

Fasting: An Inside Job

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As a child, I dreaded Lent, however, over the years I grew to appreciate the gift of this sacred season. This year I’m thinking about fasting from the OUTSIDE and fasting from the INSIDE.

Blog: Fasting-An Inside Job