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AS189 Ask Sister - worried about worldly things, forgiveness after family uproar, physical attractions

Podcast Recorded: September 7, 2016

AS189 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on September 7, 2016. Sponsored by ministry.

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Show Notes

(1:20) Redesigned A Nun’s Life newsletter features Ninja nun warriors.

(4:15) Avoiding worldliness as a path to happiness…or not.

(12:15) Making life choices based on freedom instead of fear.

(17:30) Saint Therese of Lisieux tempted by wildflowers.

(21:15) Can a family rift be healed?

(23:20) Forgiveness vs. reconciliation.

(28:00) What happens if others don’t want to reconcile.

(32:00) Can you be pure of heart and still be physically attracted to others?

(35:00) Purity and beauty, in the Catholic Catechism.

(38:00) Purity of heart and self-acceptance.


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