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AS191 Ask Sister - Advent glowsaries light up Ohio, praying to a distant God, grinch-fearing Grandma

Podcast Recorded: December 7, 2016

A new trend aglow in Ohio--the glowsary. Can prayer make God more distant vs. closer? Grandma worries that grandkids have no Christ in Christmas.

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Show Notes
  • (1:30) Joys and challenges in the transition into Gaudete Sunday.
  • (4:30) What are glowsaries and why are they appearing in Ohio?
  • (7:28) Reasons why Advent is a great season for giant outdoor rosaries.
  • (13:50) What happens when prayer seems to create distance from God instead of closeness?
  • (15:00) Saint Theresa of Avila: God’s closeness as the fruits of prayer
  • (20:20) Prayer life versus life of prayer
  • (24:00) Grandma resists commercialized Christmas but fears being labelled a Grinch.
  • (27:30) Ideas to make Christmas gift-giving more meaningful—for givers and receivers.
  • (32:00) Jesus as gift to the world; the gift of relationships.    

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