Emmanuel, come!

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Sister Dina Bato, SP, reflects on the true power of Advent.

baby in the manger

Christmas Joy!

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Christmas is all about joy! A joy that is meant to be shared with the people around you!

Happy Birthday Jesus

Does Jesus know the Easter Bunny and Santa? Tis the season for kids’ questions!

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A parent wonders what to say when the kids ask tough questions about the Easter Bunny vs. Jesus. Hear the full Ask Sister episode AS234 at aNunsLife.org. Hosts: Sister Maxine and Sister Shannon.


Does Jesus know the Easter Bunny and Santa

Opening the Christmas Gift

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Beyond the trees and tinsel and light…beyond the gifts of family and friends…beyond everything around us is a silent, fresh Presence, awakening in us today in new and deeper ways.

Sharing Incarnation

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By incarnating, Jesus raised the dignity and preciousness of our own human form. He became enfleshed to share fully our human experience of being in a body.