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AS192 Ask Sister - Ordinary Time, Catholic practices, saints who find lost stuff, unfollowing God

Podcast Recorded: January 28, 2017

Topics: Awesome Ordinary Time in the church year. How to practice being Catholic. How patron saints help us. Can you unfollow God's call.

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Show Notes

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(1:20) Living the life of Christ in Ordinary Time.

(6:00) Listener question: Can you practice Catholic ways if you're not Catholic yet?

(7:00) Common prayer and devotional prayer for everyone.

(8:00) Praying the rosary as a way to learn about the life of Christ and Mary.

(12:00) Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).

(15:30) Listener question: Saint

(16:00) Lost and unfound.

(17:20) The story of Saint Anthony of Padua and the lost book.

(19:00) Other patron saints who help find stuff, and the role of intercessory prayer.

(26:50) Listener question: If we know what God wants for us, can we unfollow God’s wishes?

(28:40) Attraction and dread on the vocation journey.

(32:30) “With whom and where can I love God the most?”

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