In Good Faith

IGF039 In Good Faith with Sister Kathy Sherman, CSJ

Podcast Recorded: May 28, 2020

Sister Kathy Sherman is a composer and performer who has produced over 200 songs. Her music is widely used in liturgies, at Catholic conferences and meetings, in schools and universities, and at justice advocacy events.  

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Show Notes

Sister Maxine with Sister Kathy Sherman, a composer and performer who sings excerpts from her songs during the podcast.

A song of healing at the time of the coronavirus pandemic: “All You Need to Know”

Sister Kathy’s musical extended family, including a staff writer for Irving Berlin and a concert pianist

Called to the vocation of music and to religious life as a CSJ sister

“Unity” as a central part of the CSJ mission and a major theme in Sister Kathy’s music

Music as a voice of social justice

Singing in church…or not

Songs for children at the U.S.-Mexico border: “Everyone Needs a Place to Call Home”

When music takes on unintended meanings from listeners

Sister Kathy, originally from the South Side of Chicago, talks about situations of violence in local neighborhoods

Music as a way to be with people at profound moments of their lives

Singing compassion into the world with the Circle of Song choir

The arts as a way to bring about social change

Helping to connect people with the God who unites us all

Sister Kathy envisions her musical legacy

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About our Guest

Sister Kathy Sherman wrote her first song at age 14 and since then has published over 20 albums or CDs. Her music is widely used in settings of all kinds, such as liturgies, Catholic conferences and meetings, schools and universities, and justice advocacy events. Most recently, she has performed in concerts and events held online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sister Kathy believes that music has the power to unite people, to bring joy and healing, and bring about social and systemic change. She is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph, a religious community of nearly 500 vowed Catholic women and over 500 lay associates who live and minister in the U.S. and around the world.  

Sister Kathy was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago and currently lives in the metropolitan Chicago area.

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