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Becoming holy

Podcast Recorded: August 28, 2014
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Newly arrived at the convent high school, Sister Della Meyer decided she'd better start trying to be holy. She explains!

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Sister Julie
This Random Nun Clip is brought to you by A Nun's Life Ministry. This is a Motherhouse Road Trip edition of Ask Sister. You're here with Sister Maxine and Sister Julie of A Nun's Life Ministry and our guests, Sister Joyce Lehman and Sister Della Meyer of the Sisters of the Precious Blood of Dayton, Ohio.

Sister Maxine
Sister Della, we want to start off and talk about your vocation journey. Did you encounter any of the same kinds of areas, or different challenges?

Sister Della
Not as definite as she was about teaching. But I was taught by the Sisters of the Precious Blood here in Dayton, I went to Resurrection School. The irony of it all, is I have a sister who is 18 months older than I am -- a blood sister named Marilyn. And she was an A student, and a wonderful candidate to be a sister. So the sisters started working on her I think from sixth grade on. Not one of them thought I should come.

Sister Maxine
So you were thinking you're gonna fly under the radar there?

Sister Della
No question. [laughter] In the end, the sisters really impressed me. I loved them. But I never got far enough to take action on how to be one. And my mother and father went up north to get some honey from this farm and their daughter -- of the owners -- had been here at our convent high school and told my mom about it. And mom came home and says, "I think that would be a nice high school for you to go to." I said, "Really?" So we made up our mind. I lived six miles from here. I was the last one in. Everybody's name was typed on the shelves; mine was written in. So I thought, "Oh, I'm going to high school." I remember that first night. It was a brand-new building. It has been torn down. But it was built in 1950. So our class was the first class in it. But I can remember that first night, we had these nice little cubicles. And I got in there and I thought, well, this is the first time I got a room to myself. I always shared it with my sister, Marilyn. And I got unpacked and I thought, "Now what do I do? Well, I better start becoming holy." And I found a prayer card and I knelt down I thought, "Well, I'll start with this." And so I prayed that prayer card before I got in bed.

Sister Maxine
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