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Is there a wrong way to discern?

Podcast Recorded: March 10, 2014
right way wrong way

A listener wonders how to distinguish between what she wants and what God wants for her. The Nuns have suggestions!

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Sister Maxine
This Random Nun Clip is brought to you by A Nun's Life Ministry.

Sister Julie
This is a Motherhouse Road Trip edition of Ask Sister. You're here with Sister Maxine and Sister Julie of A Nun's Life Ministry and our guests, Sister Joyce Lehman and Sister Della Meyer of the Sisters of the Precious Blood of Dayton, Ohio.

Sister Maxine
Our first question came in from Bree from Indiana. And Bree says, "Hi, sisters. For several years, I've had this feeling that religious life may be calling me. But how do you differentiate between a calling and a strong whim? If God was speaking to me, wouldn't I know it by now? I'm 25. What does God sound like? How do you know it's God and not -- well, just yourself thinking about God?" Sister Joyce, what might you say to Bree about how do you tell the difference between a whim and maybe that calling?

Sister Joyce
My experience is whims don't last real long, and they don't do well when you test them, because they don't have a lot of substance. They might feel really good. But when you really get down to going underneath what's going on, I think sometimes the whim, you begin to reveal it for what it is. I think sometimes though, in a whim is really the essence. But you have to kind of figure out and get underneath that. 25 might feel pretty old. But in the big scheme of things, it's about the right time to really do that serious testing, and to really do the listening to self, to others. I always say, get a really good friend who likes you and talk it out with him and get somebody you really don't know but you really trust in the spiritual life and talk about that -- somebody who doesn't have to carry a lot of baggage with you and won't just say "Well, yes, that's nice. You do that." But will really help you uncover those different pieces.

Sister Maxine
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