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When you began ministry to end human trafficking, what did you learn?

Podcast Recorded: January 22, 2021
In Good Faith with Sister Anne Victory, working to end human trafficking

Sister Anne Victory reflects on what she has learned through her work with the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking, in the Cleveland area. Hear the full In Good Faith episode IGF041 at aNunsLife.org. 

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About our Guest

Sister Anne Victory has led efforts against human trafficking for over a decade. She helped to establish the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking in 2007. One result of the Collaborative’s work is that over 60 agencies in NE Ohio–law enforcement, health care, social services, and others—are now connected to weave a safety net for the men, women, and children who are victims of human trafficking. Sister Anne is Director of Education at the Collaborative and her background includes extensive experience as a nurse clinician, educator, and administrator.

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