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When your family doesn't understand

Podcast Recorded: August 26, 2022
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Before she entered religious life, Sister Ana Gonzalez had a tough time convincing her mom it was the right choice. Discover what changed her mom’s mind!

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Sister Rejane  
This Random Nun Clip is brought to you by A Nun's Life Ministry. I'm Sister Rejane of A Nun's Life Ministry. My guest today is Sister Ana Gonzalez, a Dominican Sister of Peace, who currently lives in New Haven, Connecticut, and ministers in the admissions office of Albertus Magnus College with international students.

Sister Ana  
As I was discerning religious life, one of my mom's biggest concerns for me -- she didn't want me to come in. Her biggest concern was that I was going to be lonely. Not really understanding religious life, she just felt that I would be lonely. And it's been completely opposite. I have been with great friends, amazing companions. And my life is enriched because of the people that I live with, because of my fellow sisters, within the Dominican congregation, outside other congregations. And yeah, it really is a huge blessing. And I really can't imagine my life any other way.

Sister Rejane  
Wow. And how did your mom -- how did you work through that with your mom, the idea of you being lonely?

Sister Ana  
Oh my gosh!

Sister Rejane  
You don't have to give me the big version.

Sister Ana  
I won't give you a big version. But what happened was that I was seriously discerning religious life. I was pretty much convinced that this was it. I had attended two Come and See retreats. And I felt the click. I felt that Dominican Sisters of Peace was it for me. I was certain. And my mom's like, "Oh, but you will be so lonely. Don't you want to get married? Don't you want to have a lot of kids?" And finally, an opportunity came up where my mom was visiting New Orleans. And the community in New Orleans allowed my mom to stay with them. Now, I was not with her. I was in El Paso, Texas. But the community in New Orleans allowed my mom to kind of have a mom Come and See.

Sister Rejane  
That's beautiful. I haven't heard of this. Okay.

Sister Ana  
They welcomed my mom for a few days. And during this time, my mom was able to experience the interaction of the sisters, how they cared for each other. How one would make coffee for the whole community. How if someone was late, they would save a plate of dinner for them. How at the end of the day, they would pray, at the beginning of the day, they would pray, and they would ask each other, "What's your day going to be looking like? Can we pray for each other?" And when she came back, after this experience, she told me that if she had the opportunity to experience a life like that, she would take it too.

Sister Rejane  

Sister Ana  
Eventually, when I became a candidate, when I got approved to be a candidate, my mom said to me that she could die in peace, knowing that I would never be alone. And that I would be living a life where God would be at my center. So I would say that, you know, I talked and talked, I tried to explain to her time and time again. But those sisters who went out on a limb and welcomed my mom, not knowing her from Adam, to stay with them for a few days, so that she could see how they lived. That sealed the deal. And for me, that meant the world. I don't even know how we got into this topic, but okay. My mom is my number one warrior. She pushed for me and my siblings. She put herself on the sides so that we could have access to a good education, access to good opportunities. I'm just thinking like, how did she pay for music classes for my sister? What did she do? So she would sell newspapers, she would make tamales, she would find a way. And she went above and beyond for me and my siblings. I could care less what anyone thinks about my life choices. But my mom's opinion, to me is priceless. Because she's been that one person that's been -- I mean, through the grace of God, and I've had some guardian angels. But consistently, my mom has been that one person that's been pushing and inspiring me and telling me not to give up and wanting to achieve more. Seek the best in life as well. She was very instrumental in my relationship with God. So, when these sisters inspired my mom and showed her the joy of religious life, and that I was going to be embracing this lifestyle, she approved. That was good.

Sister Rejane  
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