A commitment to community

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Living in community isn’t always easy – but it is a powerful invitation to generosity of mind and heart. Sr. Ana Gonzalez explains.

A group of women stand together with hands clasped

Eternal companions on the journey

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Each sister’s vocation – past, present, and future – is a celebration and a vindication of every other sister’s YES to God’s call. Sister Ana Gonzalez explains.


When your family doesn't understand

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Before she entered religious life, Sister Ana Gonzalez had a tough time convincing her mom it was the right choice. Discover what changed her mom’s mind!

family discussion

Are nuns prayer professionals?

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A listener has a very simple question: are nuns prayer professionals? But the answer is not so straightforward! Listen as the Nuns discuss.

woman praying the rosary

How can I keep up with everyone else on the faith journey?

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A listener is struggling with the feeling that she’s trailing behind on the faith journey. The Nuns have lots to say about this question!

woman running