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Life amid Covid

Podcast Recorded: April 6, 2020

In this Random Nun Clip, the sisters talk about new life in the midst of Covid-19. Hosts: Sister Maxine and Sister Shannon. Hear the full Ask Sister episode AS228 at aNunsLife.org.

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SISTER MAXINE: So, Sister Shannon, what have you been up to lately?

SISTER SHANNON: Well, thinking about the wonder of the Paschal Mystery and watching the spring emerge. That’s been a good thing. But at the same time, continuing to deal with the challenges that our world faces right now, and hopefully, looking primarily at the ways that this has brought us together as a community.

SISTER MAXINE: That is surely the case with COVID-19, as devastating as it is. I also think that it has brought out more kind and generous human behavior that is so deeply impressive. People caring about one another. And I am hoping that that spirit continues on long after this virus has gone.

SISTER SHANNON: One of the things that’s impressed me is watching the creative ways that people have found to celebrate one another, to honor each other for special birthdays or events in their lives, in spite of the fact that we can’t gather together right now, near one another. They look for ways to show how much they care, how much they love. Even the actors and the musicians on TV seem to do those kinds of things. They find ways, even if they’re offering their show from their home, and their kids are crawling over them while they’re trying to tell a good joke or entertain the people.

SISTER MAXINE: Another example of some of that is my mom lives in a small town in an independent living situation and people will bring over, like the Baptists and the Lutheran ladie, will bring over muffins and cookies and leave them. My mom said yesterday that some people brought over a truck with two llamas in it. (laughter) They led the llamas all around the building so that people could see them. Just something different.


SISTER MAXINE: She said that all the llamas were cleaned up. They looked great. They were well behaved. People loved it. (laughter)

SISTER SHANNON: Isn’t that fun?  I saw a picture on Facebook from one of our nursing homes where they decided they could still play bingo, but they had people sitting in the doorways of their bedrooms all lined up down the hall. There was somebody at the end of the hallway that was calling the numbers. Just the creative ways to be together while being a little bit separate from one another.

SISTER MAXINE: Absolutely. Social distancing does not mean people cannot be close in some ways.

SISTER SHANNON: That’s right.

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