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Running and Discernment

Blog Published: May 4, 2012

Guest blogger Audra Turnbull of Awkward Catholic fame writes today of running and discernment in support of Julia who is running a marathon to support the nuns!

Sister Madonna Buder – the Iron Nun

Blog Published: March 26, 2012

A Nun’s Life correspondent Audra Turnbull recently spoke with marathoning nun Sister Madonna Buder. We are delighted to have this story from their conversation!

A Nun

Getting to know Teresa of Avila

Blog Published: August 31, 2011

Blackbelt of the Catholic News Scrum, Audra Turnbull guest blogs about her experience on the A Nun’s Life Media Team for World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain.

Right Now

Blog Published: July 18, 2011

One day while reading a bible passage on the Internet I noticed that the particular Gospel story started with the word “now”. I thought it was peculiar to start a story- mostly written in the past tense- with the word “now”.