Nothing is impossible for God

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When has God shown you a way forward even when you thought it was impossible?

Angel Gabriel

Showing hospitality to others

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It doesn’t matter what we’ve done in our past, we can be worthy of Jesus’s healing.

Jesus' Healing

What does it mean to be in a 'right' relationship?

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To be in right relationship doesn’t mean we’re to be judgmental or to point fingers. It means we call out injustice.

Reflection on Luke 17

On holy ground

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Sister Audra Turnbull, IHM, shares her her path has crossed with Father Augustus Tolton -- the first US-born African-American priest -- and what she has learned from his journey.

unlabeled white wooden crosses mark the anonymous graves of slaves

How can we be a ‘good’ samaritan?

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How can we be a ‘good’ samaritan? What does it mean to be good?

Good Samaritan