Elements of creation at the altar

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A meditation on three facets of creation that have been incorporated into our liturgical rituals.

Holy water is poured over a baby's head as she is baptized.

Sister Elaine Fischer, OSB

While it might not seem possible, a woman can pursue just about any ministry as a Benedictine Sister. Proof of this: Sister Elaine Fischer.

Sister Elaine Fisher

Salting the fleas

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Sister Pat describes one of her favorite adventures with housemate (and podcast host!) Sister Rejane. Guest: Sister Pat Johannsen.

Salt is an environmentally friendly way to eradicate fleas.

NUNDAY with Sister Barbara O'Donnell, HM

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Sister Barbara O'Donnell has been involved in Eco-Spirituality ministry, a significant aspect of the history of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary.