NUNDAY with Sister Barbara O'Donnell, HM

Blog Published: January 11, 2016
By Jane

Happy Nunday! Here at A Nun’s Life Ministry we celebrate some Mondays in a special way — Mondays become Nundays when we have photos of Catholic sisters and nuns to share with you.

Today's photo comes from the Humility of Mary Sisters (HM) in Villa Maria, Pennsylvania. 

Since 1991 Sister Barbara O'Donnell has been involved in Eco-Spirituality ministry, a significant aspect of the history of HM congregation. 

"The farm serves as a symbol of the struggle and sacrifice of a small group of women who settled on the Lawrence County land in 1864 and succeeded in establishing a viable, productive farm when others before them had failed. Land management at the farm is based on spirituality, sustainability, simplicity and the preservation of all local life systems." (read more about The Villa Farm)

Currently there is great concern for local township farmland as oil and gas wells are starting to appear, but the sisters have not signed to allow drilling on their land. 

To learn more about the Sisters of the Humility of Mary, visit their website at

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