Sister Scholastica Elizabeth Ampadu, CSC

I first contemplated the call to religious life in the seventh grade when I heard a diocesan priest talk about religious vocation. His talk touched the core of my being. Without fully understanding what it meant, I decided to be a sister, and found my way to where I was meant to be.

Vocation Story by Sister Scholastica Ampadu, CSC

Sister Rita Godhino, CSC

God often uses people in our lives to speak to us, to meet us where we are in life. Read how Sister Rita felt God calling her to something new.

Sister Rita Godhino, CSC Vocation Story

How does the world affect the way you understand God?
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In this Random Nun Clip, Sr. Veronica Fajardo, CSC, talks about experiencing God in other cultures. Hear the full Ask Sister podcast at AS173. Check out the travel journal, photos of the trip, and more on the Motherhouse Road Trip page! 

Sisters of the Holy Cross

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Catch all the action from our trip to Notre Dame, Indiana—travel journal, photos, podcast, and more—here on the Motherhouse Road Trip travel page!

Motherhouse Roadtrip

What does it mean to stand at the foot of the cross with people who are suffering?
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In this Random Nun Clip, we talk with Sr. Verónica Fajardo, of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, in Notre Dame, Indiana. Hear the full podcast at AS173 at