Can a movie inspire a vocation?
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Enthralled by movies like "The Trouble with Angels," a listener who's turned off by dogma wonders how to pursue a vocation to religious life.

The Trouble with Angels

"Sisters" and "Light of Love": Two Films about Catholic Sisters

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Over the past few months we've seen the release of two one-hour documentaries featuring Catholic sisters. The two films offer a view into the world of women's religious life. While there are some similarities between the documentaries -- both follow 5 Catholic sisters, both have the sisters themselves tell their story -- there is much diversity (good diversity!) such as how the sisters express their relationship with God, how they engage they world, how they view religious life, etc.

How can storytelling be a way to share the Gospel?
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This Random Nun Clip is from In Good Faith podcast episode 25. Hear the full podcast at IGF025.