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AS093 Ask Sister – Special Edition on Saints, holiness, and joy with guests Sister Sandra Schneiders and Father James Martin

Podcast Recorded: November 24, 2011

AS093 Ask Sister podcast published on November 24, 2011. Sponsored by aNunsLife.org ministry. This is a Special Edition on Saints, holiness, and joy. The nuns are joined by Catholic superstars Sister Sandra Schneiders, IHM, and Father James Martin, SJ.

A Nun

The quest for the living God — not an easy path

Blog Published: July 20, 2011

Cheers for the U.S. federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph for their public show of support for their sister Elizabeth Johnson!

Right Now

Blog Published: July 18, 2011

One day while reading a bible passage on the Internet I noticed that the particular Gospel story started with the word “now”. I thought it was peculiar to start a story- mostly written in the past tense- with the word “now”.

National Bible Week 2010

Blog Published: November 23, 2010

This week is National Bible Week. It is has been celebrated the week of Thanksgiving every year since 1941 by the National Bible Association, an organization that works to raise awareness of the Bible’s importance and relevance to the U.S. as a nation and in the lives of individuals.

On this day, and every day

Blog Published: October 11, 2010

Sunday’s gospel reading was the story of the Samaritan who returned to Jesus reminding me of course of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37). The story is well known, but the implication for our lives is sometimes forgotten.

Jesus Sends

Blog Published: February 4, 2010

In many ways we welcome the invitation to follow God, we are committed to living the Gospel of Jesus. And sometimes, that call is not as pretty as the calligraphied holy card tucked in our Bible.

Jesus Sends

Blessed are you among women!

Blog Published: December 21, 2009

Today’s Gospel reading is from Luke 1:39-45. It is one of my favorite readings because it is the story of the Visitation, of Mary visiting Elizabeth to share the news that she is pregnant with Jesus.


Blog Published: December 2, 2009

Today’s Gospel reading (Matthew 15:29-37) is a powerful story of Jesus healing people one after the other. Scripture tells us that Jesus simply went up a mountain and sat down. That’s all he did.