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What's in Your Horarium?

Blog Published: March 5, 2015

I love honoring the hours and having a daily and weekly rhythm that I can count on and that helps me stay rooted in God.

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AS086 Ask Sister – nun and reverend? balancing Facebook and life, battling demons and giants, prayers for discernment

Podcast Recorded: September 29, 2011

AS086 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on September 29, 2011. Sponsored by aNunsLife.org ministry. Topics include: Sister and Reverend Lynne Smith talks about her vocation, balancing Facebook and life, battling demons and giants, prayers for discernment

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IGF006 In Good Faith with Sister Laurel O’Neal, diocesan hermit

Podcast Recorded: February 3, 2011

IGF006 In Good Faith with Sister Laurel O’Neal, a diocesan hermit, recorded live on February 3, 2011. Produced by aNunsLife.org ministry. Our hosts talk with Sister Laurel about about the life of a hermit, eremitical solitude, chronic illness, and more!

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Not all hermits live in creepy caves

Blog Published: October 5, 2010

Think being a hermit means heading to the wilderness, living in a creepy cave, and eating wild locusts? Think again. Here’s a great story from Australia about Carol Prevedello who was recently consecrated a hermit.

NUNDAY Podcasting IHM Sisters

Blog Published: November 16, 2009

We are back after an extraordinary time home at our IHM Motherhouse in Monroe, Michigan. In the midst of congregational meetings, liturgy and prayer, and socializing (we did occasionally get sleep too!), Sister Maxine and I were podcasting live from the motherhouse!

Interview with a Hermit – on being a hermit

Blog Published: June 9, 2008

How blessed we are that a hermit is blogging because we don’t often get to see what this vocation and lifestyle is like. The eremitical life (the vocation of being a hermit as recognized by the Catholic Church) is another way to live out God’s call to live fully and to proclaim the Good News of Jesus. Here are my final questions and Sister Laurel’s responses …

Interview with a Hermit – loneliness and community

Blog Published: May 30, 2008

Last week I posted Interview with a Hermit – called by God, the first installment from an interview I did with Sister Laurel O’Neal of the blog Notes from Stillsong Hermitage. Sister Laurel is a hermit of the Camaldolese Benedictine tradition. Here’s the next installment. I always wondered if hermits feel lonely or if they miss being within a religious community of other nuns … and so I asked …

Interview with a Hermit – Called by God

Blog Published: May 23, 2008

Recently I added Sister Laurel O’Neal’s blog Notes from Stillsong Hermitage to our list of Blogs by Catholic Nuns. Sister Laurel graciously responded to some questions I had for her about what it is like to be a hermit. I’ll post these in three segments starting with this one.