How can being present to life’s sufferings and challenges be transforming?

In this #Nunday video, Sister Columbia Fernandez, OP, shares her thoughts on the power of presence and how sharing that gift is transforming for her and for those she reaches out to.

Nunday video-Sister Columbia Fernandez, OP

We are called to serve the risen Christ

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Easter is a renewed call to serve the risen Christ as we accompany God's people.

he is risen

Presence across time and space

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Though the events of these days we call “holy” happened in history, they continue to unfold and resonate today in our time and place. How will the Paschal Mystery of Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection transform our lives so that we become agents of healing presence for a world that is both beautiful and wounded?

Blog: Presence across time and space

Holy Week ~ PRESENCE

How fickle can humanity be?! We go from courageously promising our friendship to fearfully running away at Jesus' most critical time.

Holy Week - Presence


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Reflecting on the Holy Week journey into darkness and the walk with Jesus into the Easter light!