How does the Rule of St. Benedict empower you to live your full potential?

In this #Nunday video, Sister Tonette Sperando, OSB, points out that the first word in the Rule of St. Benedict is “listen” and to listen with the ear of your heart allows for a loving response—which is so needed in today’s world.

Sister Tonette Sperando, OSB

Finding the right direction at life's turning point

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The distortion of prayer comes in when I rush to move on rather than be still and listen to how God's spirit is inviting me deeper.

Mentors and moments that moved sisters forward

What does it mean to go on retreat? Do I have to sit in silence all day?

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Retreat is a time to learn the sound of your own soul, to tap into the wisdom you have within, and to listen to the precious voice of the One who knows you.