Why do nuns profess vows twice instead of once, like married people?

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A listener wonders why nuns profess their vows two times when entering religious life, instead of just one time, as with marriage vows. Hear the full Ask Sister episode AS235 at aNunsLife.org. Hosts: Sister Maxine and Sister Shannon. You can read the transcript of this podcast below. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter and check out lots more podcasts!

 Why do nuns profess vows twice, instead of once like people who get married?

Can I dedicate my life to God without being a nun?

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We have witnessed the awakening call of many to serve God in Church ministry, in service, and in justice work!  

Whenever I see nuns, is it ok to ask them for prayers?

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In this Random Nun Clip: a listener asks about prayer-request protocols. Hear the full Ask Sister podcast AS195.

Should I give a wedding gift even though I disagree with the marriage?

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In this Random Nun Clip, a listener asks if giving a wedding gift is an endorsement of the marriage, even if it's not meant to be. Hear the full Ask Sister podcast episode AS188 at aNunsLife.org.

AS142 Ask Sister - nary a desire to marry, where nuns dwell, nun burial customs

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AS142 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on June 5, 2013.