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The Silence in a Storm

Blog Published: September 21, 2012

A beautiful meditation from guest blogger, Karol Bartlett. Take a moment of quiet and then read on …

NunCam and God's Good Creation

Blog Published: August 25, 2010

On today’s bike ride meditation, I took a country road and thought about God’s good creation, and how we are part of that. I meditated on the second account of creation in Genesis (Gen 2: 4-17), where God creates the human from the earth. Then God breathes the breath of life into the human.

On the road with the NunCam for Morning Meditation

Blog Published: August 11, 2010

One of the places that I encounter God is in nature, God’s good creation. Early morning bike rides are a way for me to immerse myself in the beauty of the natural world, to feel at one with it. Thought you might like to come along for the ride, via the NunCam.

A Nun

In the Groove

Blog Published: June 12, 2008

Sometimes prayer is “easy” when life is going well, I am rested, not anxious, etc. Sometimes it is the opposite.