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When Odious Idols Get the Best of Us

Blog Published: August 27, 2015

The Office of Readings are a little rough today. I should know better than to expect warm and fuzzy from a prophet.

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Reflecting on Religious Life in Challenging Times

Blog Published: October 26, 2011

For many U.S. Catholic sisters and indeed for many Catholics across the U.S. and abroad, the Apostolic Visitation of American Women Religious that began in 2009 turned out to be a graced opportunity to reflect on apostolic, or ministerial, religious life.

Can Religious Life (i.e., YOU) Be Prophetic?

Blog Published: September 25, 2006

I’m reading Can Religious Life Be Prophetic? by Michael Crosby, OFM Cap. The book is unsettlingly inspiring. (That’s a good thing.)