God's designs were made known

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God leads us into the depth of ourselves from the lowest of circumstances, yet in the most magnificent ways. To be with what is, is to trust in God's Providence.

Becoming an Oblate Sister of Providence

July 6, 2020

Sister Marcia Hall talks about the surprising call to religious life as an Oblate Sister of Providence.

Sister Marcia Hall

Exile or Inheritance?

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Life's opportunities teach us to be patient and open to the life that's unfolding before us.

Balance. Blurriness.

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How do I balance this ache in my heart for those suffering in the world with my need to move forward day-to-day? In the wake of tragedy, personally or globally, this is the blurry balance we are asked to make each day. How do you deal with it?

On Being a Millennial and a Nun

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A Nun's Life welcomes guest blogger Sister Christina Chavez, CDP, with the Congregation of Divine Providence in San Antonio, Texas.