How to Make CROSSES from Palms

In this #Nunday Video, Linda Fadden--an Associate of the Sisters of St. Francis, Sylvania, Ohio--demonstrates how to make Crosses out of Palms. Great instructional video for your own Palm Sunday creations!

How to make ROSES out of palms

In this #Nunday Video, Sister Carol Ann Grace--a Sister of St. Francis, Sylvania, Ohio, demonstrates how to make Roses out of Palms. Another great instructional video for your own Palm Sunday creations! Watch and learn...and enjoy!!


Celebrating our ‘Ask Sister’ podcasts

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Join us as we walk down memory lane with pics from our recording sessions over the past 12 years of podcasting!

Celebrating Ask Sister podcasts by and about Catholic Sisters

Video Project Bloopers

Lots of LOLs go into making #Nunday videos! Enjoy this blooper real featuring several sisters having a blast!


Spiritual wisdom of St. Augustine

Sister Shannon Schrein, OSF, sat down for a #Nunday video to talk about the spiritual wisdom St. Augustine offers for our lives today.