Celebrating our ‘Ask Sister’ podcasts

Blog Published: July 20, 2021
By The Nuns
Celebrating Ask Sister podcasts by and about Catholic Sisters

Join us as we walk down memory lane with pics from our recording sessions over the past 12 years of podcasting!

As part of our 15th Anniversary, we celebrate the amazing Ask Sister podcasts that began in 2009 with Sister Maxine and Sister Julie at the mics. These podcasts have grown over the years; in fact, it is what gave life to the Motherhouse Road Trip series that our online audience has grown to love. Today, Sister Maxine and Sister Shannon can be found behind the mics sharing wisdom, insights and LOLs.

Celebrate with us by watching this fun video of our podcast hosts and guests--and enjoy some of your favorite Random Nun Clips! Here are a few to help you get started:

How do you pray when you feel angry at God?

What were the biggest changes when you became a sister?

What is a spiritual director, and how do you find one?

Does God send you signs that you should be a nun?


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