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second vatican council

Returning to Our Foundation

Blog Published: October 24, 2007

Yesterday I listened to the broadcast of the conversation between Sister Marie Pappas, CR, and myself on the “Pathways to Learning” program on Sirius Radio’s The Catholic Channel #159. Strange to listen to oneself. Never quite sounds like yourself.

Habits Revisted

Blog Published: December 20, 2006

In my post TIME magazine article on nuns, veils, and blogs, Hans wrote a thoughtful comment about habits and his experience with the habit. He aptly notes that the modern view on habits is quite mixed.

the people you meet in heaven

Blog Published: December 10, 2006

I received a comment from Esa, a Muslim man, who wrote that Muslims believe that Paradise is not only for Muslims but for everyone who is faithful, good-hearted and a helper to the people. He asked what I think about it. Esa, here are my thoughts …