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Cleaning out the attic: sacramentals and mementos

Blog Published: May 21, 2013

As a Catholic sister professing the vow of poverty, I have divested myself of all possessions, even the Clifford the Big Red Dog books that I adored as a child. Yet even without that vow, it felt like this stuff was never really mine to begin with. Maybe it’s because they had served their purpose, maybe because they were like sacramentals signifying something greater than the thing itself.

Simplify: Finding the Line

Blog Published: March 4, 2013

Simplifying for me is not just having less stuff, it is also developing a habit of finding "the line" through projects or situations. The line, in bicycle and car racing terminology, is typically the fastest path between two points. While going fast is not my primary objective (at least not always!) there are other kinds "lines" that I look for when approaching a unexpected curve or bump in the trail.