Staying alive

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Working the suicide prevention hotline is intense, but S. Réjane Cytacki sticks with it so she can truly help someone in need.

a man walks by himself across a dark space

Unity in community

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Peace in our world can only come when we nurture peace within ourselves.

candles burning inside a church

To be, or not to be (a nun), that is the question!

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The pressure to become a nun--or not to become one--can be intense!


Laudato Si': Praise Be to You, God!

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The simple pleasure of encouraging a garden to grow can help us grow closer to God.

community garden

A long-awaited answer to prayer
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Sister Rejane Cytacki did not expect her religious vocation to also make this particular long-cherished dream come true. Host: Sister Maxine Kollasch.

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