What is the most rewarding aspect about community life?

In this #Nunday video, Sister Bridget Waldorf, SSND, shares what she feels is the most rewarding aspect of community life.

Beyond The Habit - Episode 5: Sister Desiré Anne-Marie Findlay

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“I thought well, if I enter, sisters don’t dance. I’ll have to leave that behind.” Little did she know, dance would become a key part of her ministry—and her prayer.



Sister Desire Beyond the Habit

Legal structures can be a strength to religious congregations

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Civil and Canon law--and how it can be helpful to women religious.

What questions did you ask as a young discerner?

Sister Michelle Lesher, SSJ, a Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia currently serving in vocation and formation ministry, talks about the questions she was asking as a young discerner.

Getting to know my community

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The process of getting to know my community and to feel certain that I was called to live religious life with this specific group of women was, for me, a slow process.