A radical commitment

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Sister Julia Walsh shares her perspective on the radical commitment of the vow of celibacy.

woman stands in a fiel staring at the rising sun

At the start of the civil war

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Sister Pat Johannsen had a birds-eye view of South Sudanese independence—and the start of the civil war. Guest: Sister Pat Johannsen.

In South Sudan, Sister Pat Johannsen trained people to use water filters to ensure safe drinking water.

Sisters adapt the mission for different times and different cultures

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God challenges us through the signs of the times… so our province decided we would serve the migrants on the south border of Mexico. 

What is Lenten solidarity?

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In conversation with Sister Julianna Vagnozzi, CSSF, the Nuns discuss what solidarity really is – and what it can look like during Lent.

women wearing ash on her forehead