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Celibacy, the Movie!

Blog Published: October 12, 2012

Looking for a good DVD to watch? Something a bit different? You might want to check out this one: Radical Love: Consecrated Celibacy, produced by WordNet Productions.

NUNDAY with Sisters Rosina and Alison celebrating important formation landmarks

Blog Published: September 17, 2012

We celebrate Nunday today with Sisters Rosina Pham and Alison Green of the Sisters of Saint Mary of Oregon (SSMO). The sisters recently professed vows, continuing their fabulous journey of religious life. Our thanks to Sister Alison and her nuns for the blog post and photo.

AS038 Ask Sister – file cabinets in the image of God, vows human made or God made, religious brothers, nun terminology

Podcast Recorded: August 20, 2010

AS038 Ask Sister podcast recorded live on August 20, 2010. Sponsored by aNunsLife.org ministry. Topics include: file cabinets in the image of God (do animals or rocks have souls?), vows human or God made, religious brothers, nun terms, obedience and more!

A Nun

Living the Vow of Poverty in a Privileged Society

Blog Published: September 22, 2009

I have been meditating on the Vow of Poverty this morning after receiving a question about discerning a call to religious life and encountering the question of privilege.

Celibacy in the City

Blog Published: August 5, 2009

Celibacy is a way of life for Catholic sisters and nuns as well as for religious brothers and monks. But what is celibacy and how does one live celibacy, especially in a society that can be both sex-obsessed and a bit prudish about sex?

Celibacy in the City

Nuns and Celibacy – Natalie Portman’s Doubt

Blog Published: November 28, 2008

Natalie Portman has been outed as having turned down the role of a young nun in the movie Doubt because she couldn’t wrap her head around the character being celibate.

Celebrating Sister Susan

Blog Published: July 7, 2008

I am delighted to announce that one of our own blogging nuns, Sister Susan Rose Francois, CSJP, will be professing first vows in October.

24-year-old professes vows as a Josephite Sister

Blog Published: May 24, 2008

Here’s a good article (minus the title) about Anne-Marie Gallagher, a 24-year old who will be professing vows as a Josephite Sister in Sydney, Australia — “A social butterfly gets herself to a nunnery.”