About the Mother of All Road Trips

October 27, 2016

Check out our biggest journey yet in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the ministry: The Mother of All Road Trips, from October 15-23, 2016.

Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary

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Catch all the action from our trip to Campbell, California—travel journal, photos, podcast, and more—here on the Motherhouse Road Trip travel page!

Motherhouse Roadtrip

10th Anniversary of A Nun's Life

October 15, 2016

Check out all the details about the 10th Anniversary of A Nun's Life Ministry -- including the epic #nunroadtrip!

Nuns Got Game

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Sister Rachel was one of the women who helped me more easily hear the call to religious life. I thought it was so cool that a Catholic sister was also an athlete.

A Nun's Life: Nuns Got Game

Top 10 Fave Things I Love About Nuns

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There are SOOOO many things to love about nuns! From their sense of adventure to their dedication to the common good -- the list is practically endless!