Are nuns prayer professionals?
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A listener has a very simple question: are nuns prayer professionals? But the answer is not so straightforward! Listen as the Nuns discuss.

woman praying the rosary

AS240 Ask Sister: Are nuns prayer professionals, how can I keep up on the faith journey, why does this commercial bug me?
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Join Sister Shannon and Sister Maxine for lively conversation in response to listener questions! Topics: Are nuns prayer professionals, how can I keep up on the faith journey, why does this commercial bug me?

Healing racism in religious community

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For many religious communities, confronting the sin of racism means re-examining their own history.

Participants at the 2019 Healing Racism Workshop of the Oblate Sisters of Providence and the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Courtesy of Jane Aseltyne)

True abundance
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Numbers don’t tell the whole story! Though Sisters’ numbers may be lower than they were in the mid-20th Century, their influence for good is greater than ever. Host: Sister Rejane Cytacki.

Hear the full In Good Faith episode here.



IGF053 In Good Faith with Sister Alice Ann O'Neill, SC: Cellist, Suzuki teacher, Suzuki teacher trainer
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Sister Alice Ann O'Neill is a professional cellist with a doctorate in performance and teaching who has performed as a soloist in the States and abroad. She is a Suzuki teacher, Suzuki teacher trainer, and composer. Her passion for playing the cello is integral to her love for teaching others. She trains Suzuki cello teachers in workshops and institutes throughout North America. And for the past 30 years, Sister Alice Ann has taught music and cello at several universities. She maintains a Suzuki cello studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is a member of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, a religious community affiliated with the Charity Federation. She believes that music has the power to unite people to bring joy and healing into their lives, and a way to build community.

To hear more from Sister Alice Ann and see her play her Cello, watch this exciting interview with her and S. Rejane that took place on Facebook on Wednesday, May 5. 

Dr Alice Ann O'Neill, SC