Announcing the first annual A Nun’s Life Ministry FUN!raiser! The nuns are going to put the “FUN” in fundraising! Be sure to tune in to all this week and then on our “dramatic” kickoff on October 31, Halloween night (6 p.m. CST) and throughout the FUN!raiser November 1-9.

The theme is “All Saints, All The Time” which ties in perfectly with the official start on November 1, All Saints Day. We’ll focus on saints and saintly topics throughout the FUN!raiser. We’ll also have special events including an iPad 2 Giveaway, live broadcasts with religious rock stars Sister Sandra Schneiders and Father James Martin on the saints, a 9-day novena meditation on the saints, a “pawcast” featuring Sister Chloe the Convent Cat and her furry, scaly, feathery friends, and more! For more info on the FUN!raiser and to donate, check out the official FUN!raiser HQ at

This is an opportunity for you to support A Nun’s Life Ministry, to say, “Yes, this ministry makes a difference in my life and in the world. I want to play a part in ensuring it keeps on rockin’!” A Nun’s Life has been there when you’ve secretly researched becoming a nun, when you hit a low point in life, when you wondered about what extreme unction had to do with anything, when you wanted friends to connect with on ideas and issues important to you, and more.

Julie and MaxNow we need your help. Your financial support helps ensure that you can listen to our daily podcasts; read about Catholic nuns today, spirituality and theology, religious life, and living the Gospel in daily life; interact on an engaging discussion forum; pray daily with a community of faith that spans the globe; and more.

A Nun’s Life is an innovative ministry with a compassionate presence that encourages people to connect more deeply with God and one another and to live fully one’s vocation in life. We are online pilgrims — women and men, young and old, who strive to live the Gospel and seek God through faith, ministry, and community. For more information about the ministry, check the links below or peruse the A Nun's Life "about" page.

View all the FUN!raiser blog posts and events by clicking here: FUN!raiser 2011.

And please, SPREAD THE WORD! Invite your friends, your pets, the organization where you work, your neighbor’s mother-in-law, your cousin’s doctor, and the guy in front of you in line at the grocery store!