This morning, one of my sisters called on her way to her daughter’s college orientation. It all seemed to happen so fast, she said–her daughter growing up and now leaving home. She talked about the joys and challenges of raising a child in today’s world. She talked about how different she and her husband’s life will be, and how deeply they will miss their daughter. I imagine that at the college orientation, she will be with many other parents who feel the same way.

Our conversation brought to mind these verses from the song Journeys Ended, Journeys Begun, by Gregory Norbert, OSB.

Loving one another in truth,
choosing clear the many deaths
of going beyond self,
living in the spirit of one who gave his life
so that we might come to know
how profound the gift of God in Jesus Christ.

There can be no greater love than this:
to give our lives for others:
our joy will be complete.
I have told you all this
so that you may find peace
in the sharing of your life and
know the depth of love to which we’re called.

Blessings and prayers to the parents who are ending one journey with their children and beginning another.

If you know of parents and children who are in a time of transition, please write their first names in the comment box below and we will hold them especially in our prayers.