Witch CatI’ve never been a cat for Halloween costumes or dress of any sort. Once, when I was new to the convent, they tried to put me in a sweater because of the cold Chicago winter. How do you say, “That’s ridiculous!” in a way they’d understand? I gave them the stink eye and then promptly tipped over. Enough said.

Be that as it may, I have grown used to the various sweet but ridiculous ways my humans care for me. I have ceased protesting as it amuses me to see how thrilled they are with the smallest things. A cat reading a book? A cat in a box? A cat responds to a Mickey Mouse question?

Now given the season, how do you solve a problem like Halloween? (If my nuns were writing this, they’d be humming the tune from Sound of Music.) Since I am very comfortable with in my own felinity, I have no problem letting them think they are the ones in control. I tolerate the witch hat, don the military scrubs hat, and try to look happy. Okay well, I guess the stink eye does not connote happiness. No matter.

So for this Halloween, I say to all cats (and you dogs and other random critters): be proud! Always remember you have the upper paw no matter what Halloween bedazzlement might befall you. Humans: be kind and remember one word: Payback.

Doctor CatAnd because I am a cat and therefore omnipotent, I will use my powers for good as I command you … I mean “ask” you … to support the ministry of my nuns and all the humans and animals that are part of A Nun’s Life faith community. The ministry needs us to pull together to keep it going and to help it grow! Check out the A Nun’s Life FUN!raiser which is happening now through November 2 — and if you’re like me and want to cut to the chase, then go ahead and donate now!

In a word, “Meow.”

* * *

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