I was recently interviewed by Scott Simon of National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition Saturday. Scott had all sorts of interesting questions for me about my life as a nun, my blog, and my work at Loyola Press. I’m not sure how much of it will air, but it certainly was a great conversation. The piece is tentatively scheduled to air tomorrow [ACTUALLY, it's airing March 31]. Check your local NPR station for the time. Or you can go to the Weekend Edition Saturday web site and listen at your leisure. I’m pleased that people find religious life a newsworthy topic and to have the opportunity to talk about what an adventure and gift it is.

PRI's Fair Game with Faith SalieThat reminds me, I never wrote about my PRI (Public Radio International) debut on the program Fair Game. That was a very fun interview and a delightful conversation with the host of Fair Game, Faith Salie. I enjoy this program quite a bit and have listened to it ever since it premiered. It is “a satirical news and entertainment, weekday evening program” that ”covers the important stories of the day and uses insightful humor to tease out what it all means.” Check out the Fair Game web site.